Stopping in St. Paul is discovering the Reunion Island's real life: its exotic charm of old word will enchant you for a few days.

The street market of St. Paul is one of the most animated of the island.

On the seaside, as soon as the sunrises, the stall holders install fruits, vegetables, flowers, samosas, sweet peppers, local and Malagasy handicrafts... a hodgepodge of color and gaiety.

Stroll in the old St. Paul and enjoy the small Creole houses, the Town Hall which is a former building of the French East Indian Company, the waterfront and its canons to defend the bay where the first inhabitants landed, the marine cemetery and its famous graves.

Discover the wildness Reunion Island at the Bernica ravine or at the "Tour des Roches", or take a drive up to the imposing site of the Maïdo (2200m) and discover the breathtaking Mafate caldera.

Enjoy the local bus or "Car Péi" to reach the most interesting places of our beautiful island. The Car Ouest will carry you through the Western Highlands whether the "Car Jaune" could be used to visit the entire island. Both of them are easily available at the bus Station which 5 minutes walk from Kia Ora.

Immerse yourself into the Hindu culture and its traditional religious festivals: fire walking, cavadee...

Fly over the island by helicopter or micro light, play golf in the "Bassin Bleu", dive or snorkel at Cape La Houssaye or simply enjoy the white sand beaches of Boucan Canot...

For your diving experience, we recommend:

"Bulle d'Air"


Marché forain, SAINT PAUL Piton de la Fournaise
Plongée, COTE QUEST Chutes d’eau, SALAZIE
Le front de Mer, SAINT PAUL